DA Irrigation Sprinklers

The Standard Irrigation Sprinkler (Dual Arm "DA") has been in use for 58 years, in and adjacent to the Sydney Metropolitan Area. They have a wide variety of uses from Agricultural Crop Irrigation, Nursery Irrigation, Poultry, Shed Cooling, Crop Spraying and Fertilizing.

Important Characteristics

Operates very well on low to medium/high pressures. Arms are adjustable so that sprinkler can be used for inverted and other applications.

Spacing in outside application with 90˚ arm setting is 6.6m apart along the line in rows 10m apart. In low profile arm setting the spacing is 5.5m × 5.5m outside. The DA sprinkler is noted for it’s long trouble free life, ease of installation and reliable performance.

Performance Chart & Prices

Type Coverage Flow (L/min) at Pressure (PSI) Price $







Std DA Brass 10m 4.80 6.15 6.89 7.69 8.58 10.00 17.25
Std DA Acetal 10m 4.80 6.15 6.89 7.69 8.58 10.00 P.O.A.
DACM Brass 10m 5.70 7.09 7.69 8.58 10.00 10.87 19.50


Item Price $
Filter (standard) 1.50
Filter (installed) 2.00




Notes: 1) All prices are in $AU and are subject to 10 % GST, 2) Payment required with order, 3) Trade wholesale discounts are available (COD) and 4) All spare parts are available ex factory.

How to Place an Order

Orders or enquiries may be placed by phone or fax as follows:



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Moss DA Sprinkler
Typical DA Brass Sprinkler

Moss Dual Arm (DA) sprinkler on base
DA Sprinkler connected to a conventional base


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